Meet The Summiteers – 5 of 5

JIMMY ROSENBERG Founder and Chief Juice Officer Evolution Fresh Juicing is a way of life for Jimmy Rosenberg. With more than 30 years’ experience making, selling and drinking juice, Jimmy brings passion and expertise to Evolution Fresh, which he established in 1993. Jimmy has a relentless passion and dedication to the Evolution Fresh mission to

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Meet The Summiteers – 4 of 5

SUKHINDER SINGH CASSIDY CEO, Joyus If you film it, they will come. The next revolution in shopping is here and it’s all about video. Just as it’s hard to remember the world before YouTube, you’ll soon forget what it was like to pick out that new LBD without learning about it on video first. Joyus

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Meet The Summiteers – 3 of 5

GINGER GRAHAM President and CEO, Two Trees Consulting What’s next? That is the obvious puzzle Ginger needed to wrestle with after having led successful biopharmaceutical (Amylin) and medical device (Guidant) companies that addressed important and widespread health disorders (e.g., diabetes and heart disease). To take things to the next level and have an even broader

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Meet The Summiteers – 2 of 5

JEFF ARNOLD Chairman and CEO, Sharecare Developing and maintaining good health is not easy, but finding personalized information and resources to help meet health goals should be. Whether its guidance from people like us, trusted clinicians, the latest research studies, or recommended products and services, wouldn’t it be great to find one place where experts

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Meet The Summiteers – 1 of 5

STEVE BASTA CEO, Alter-G How do you turn a vicious cycle on its head? We all know that joint pain makes us want to exercise less, and that inactivity can further destabilize a joint…leading to still more pain. Yet this is the precise problem that clinicians labor against, whether it is in an acute post-operative

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