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2013 Consumer Med Summit - September 25-27, 2013


CEO, Alter-G

How do you turn a vicious cycle on its head?

We all know that joint pain makes us want to exercise less, and that inactivity can further destabilize a joint…leading to still more pain. Yet this is the precise problem that clinicians labor against, whether it is in an acute post-operative orthopedic setting or a somewhat more chronic setting such as obesity or stroke rehabilitation.

Steve Basta, CEO of Alter-G, is looking to break this cycle by commercializing a treadmill that enables exercise while at the very same time reducing the stress on joints…all by partially offsetting the force of gravity.

Prior to taking on the leadership role at Alter-G, Steve served as CEO of BioForm Medical, Inc. and its successor, Merz Aesthetics as well as leading Gliatech, Inc. He also held various leadership roles at Creative BioMolecules, The Immune Response Corporation, and Dillon Read & Co.

Come meet Steve and feel his perspectives pull you in a new direction!



Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

A paradigm shift is upon us!

Predictions of momentous change at the very core of industries often turn out to be premature, particularly in arenas with the scale and inertia of Healthcare and Consumer Products. However, along the edges and intersections of industries, change can happen very quickly, indeed often with profound effect. Tracey has been particularly well-positioned to understand these dynamics as she splits her time between Consumer Goods and Healthcare, with a specific focus on the area of overlap…Consumer Health where she leads McKinsey and Company’s initiative. She previously sat on the GMA Advisory Board and during that time worked with the industry on childhood obesity.

Before joining McKinsey, Tracey worked for Procter & Gamble in brand management, in the Cosmetics and Fragrances Division. Before that, she was an analyst at PaineWebber, structuring and marketing high-yield securities and leveraged buyouts.



SVP, Thought Leadership, AARP

It is impossible to stake out a position that is universal to a group that is as diverse as the entire baby boomer generation…yet, that is precisely what Jody has done in his role at AARP.

Jody is seeking to stimulate innovation in markets that benefit the 50+ population, and what area could be more relevant (and more in need of innovation), than healthcare?

Prior to Jody’s many senior roles within AARP, he held leadership roles in several strategy consulting firms. He was a Director of Global Strategy and Planning, and led the Market Intelligence Network of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Before that, he was Vice President of Consulting for FutureBrand, where he helped clients develop and implement competitive brand strategies.

Jody is a frequent speaker on the opportunities and challenges presented by the demographic wave. He has led numerous workshops on competitive strategy and organizational performance, and his work has been published in the Journal of Business Strategy, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, The Competitive Intelligence Anthology, and Making Cents Out of Knowledge Management.

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