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2013 Consumer Med Summit - September 25-27, 2013


President and CEO, Two Trees Consulting

What’s next?

That is the obvious puzzle Ginger needed to wrestle with after having led successful biopharmaceutical (Amylin) and medical device (Guidant) companies that addressed important and widespread health disorders (e.g., diabetes and heart disease). To take things to the next level and have an even broader impact, she realized she needed to go beyond the traditional indirect healthcare structure and get closer to the patient/consumer.

Therefore, as President and CEO of Two Trees Consulting, she serves on boards, and consults for leadership teams that are wrestling with different aspects of consumer engagement in healthcare, whether it be large established companies like Walgreens, or smaller, venture-backed organizations like Genomic Health, Proteus, Surefire Medical and Elcelyx Therapeutics, or not-for-profits like the Circle of Life Hospice Foundation.



Chairman of the Board, Plx Pharma

Let’s talk about snot.

The unease with which many of us react to that prompt is what helped create the opportunity that Mike and his team seized upon in building up Mucinex, an OTC cough & cold treatment, at Adams Respiratory, which was later acquired for $2.3 Billion by Reckitt Benckiser. Their insight was that the entire cough and cold category was undifferentiated and confusing to consumers. To solve this problem, they introduced the world to Mr. Mucus—no more confusing medical terminology that required consumers to self-diagnose what was causing their discomfort. Rather, Mr. Mucus focused on the symptoms that bothered consumers in a language that they could understand. And the rest is history.

Prior to his CEO role at Adams Respiratory, Mike served in leadership roles at Alpharma, Novartis, Pharmacia & Upjohn and Warner Lambert.

Throughout his career, Mike has been at the forefront of seven major prescription to OTC switches, including such well known consumer brands as: Benadryl, Rogaine Extra Strength, Motrin Jr., Nasalcrom, Lamisil, Voltaren (EU) and Mucinex.



Director, Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Principal, VAL Health

Framing, Context, Simplicity—Latest recommendations from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or the key to changing unhealthy behaviors?

The intersection of behavioral economics and healthcare has become one of the most talked about industry topics, with words such as, rewards, incentives, penalties, and engagement, quickly gaining ground within the healthcare lexicon. Now, with the majority of large employers now offering employees incentives for healthy behavior (and many penalizing unhealthy behaviors), interest in the topic will only increase.

Kevin Volpp, Professor of Medicine and Health Care Management and Director for the Center of Health Incentives and Behavior Economics, has emerged as one of country’s thought leaders in this exploding area. His own groundbreaking research—as well as his evaluation of innovative industry programs—has made him a go-to expert who is sought out regularly by media, such as USA Today, Good Morning America, and the Wall Street Journal, as well as the academic press, including JAMA, Health Affairs and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Come meet Kevin and hear how cutting edge research is shaping the health improvement programs of tomorrow. Learn from his experience with sleep-deprived residents, corporate quit-smoking programs and kids and school lunches to see how he’s been putting the carrot and stick into what we do and don’t do when it comes to health. If we are lucky, we might also get Kevin’s thoughts on whether Dubai’s new program to pay its citizens 22 grams of gold for losing 2 kilos in a month will work.

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