Meet The Summiteers – 4 of 5

2013 Consumer Med Summit - September 25-27, 2013


CEO, Joyus

If you film it, they will come.

The next revolution in shopping is here and it’s all about video. Just as it’s hard to remember the world before YouTube, you’ll soon forget what it was like to pick out that new LBD without learning about it on video first. Joyus is creating a new consumer shopping experience that delights and transforms through harnessing the power of video. If you entertain them, they will buy!

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, CEO of Joyus, is a visionary who has figured out the secret of merging content and commerce to create an educational, entertaining, convenient and social experience for consumers. Prior to founding Joyus, Sukhinder spent 18 years leading consumer internet and media initiatives at global and early-stage companies. Recently, she acted as President of Asia Pacific and Latin America for Google.

We’re excited to hear about the evolution of consumer engagement using video and the impact of having a “trusted adviser” to guide you along the way.



Principal, Eric Meyer Consulting, LLC

What does a sonic toothbrush have in common with a diabetes glucose monitor?

In the case of Sonicare and One Touch®, both are household names and leading brands in billion dollar categories. And both were introduced to the world by Eric at start-ups successfully sold to multinational consumer medical companies (Philips and J&J).

Now Eric has his own consulting business where he works with emerging-stage companies launching novel consumer medical, health and wellness products. His projects have ranged from providing the voice of consumer to the development of an insomnia device, to managing a direct response campaign for a home laser, to crafting a go-to-market strategy for a female sexual dysfunction product. If you are looking for advice on how to launch your consumer health product, be sure to seek out Eric.



EVP, North America Consulting, The Futures Company

Peter Rose is nosy. He makes it his business to know your values, attitudes, aspirations and shopping behavior, and, as a result, has his finger on the pulse of the American consumer. With a background in human resources consulting at Towers Perrin and nearly fifteen years advising a wide range of clients as an executive vice president at the Futures Company, Peter brings us a wealth of insight onto the evolving consumer landscape.

Peter is a leader of The Futures Company’s U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR, a premier consumer insights service, and also explores consumers and their relationship to their health and wellness. At the Summit, he’ll be sharing hot-off-the-presses insights from their 2013 U.S. Health and Wellness MONITOR. Leveraging quantitative and qualitative insights, Peter is committed to helping companies and brands stay on the forefront of consumer innovation.

Don’t miss a chance to chat with Peter and see what conclusions he draws about American consumers from a health and wellness standpoint, such as:

  • What are the carrots and what are the sticks in motivating healthy behavior?
  • How are consumers leveraging new technologies to monitor and maintain health?
  • What do consumers think—and know—about healthcare reform?


VP and Global Head, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

How do you turn a battleship?

Few corporate brands are more synonymous with consumer health than Johnson & Johnson, home to such well-known brands as: Tylenol®, Band Aid®, Neutrogena®, Listerine®, o.b.® and of course Johnson’s® Baby Shampoo. Yet that does not mean that the Company doesn’t see the need and the opportunity to change and adapt to the evolving Consumer Health & Wellness Landscape. In fact, Ben leads the effort to access external innovation, utilizing new business models for Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer Businesses. Ben’s responsibilities span broadly, ranging from driving transformative transactions like the acquisition of HealthMedia (a behavioral science technology company) or developing fundamentally new scientific insights like his research into infant sleep rituals.

Come meet Ben and learn how J&J is navigating the uncertain waters of health reform, by growing ever closer to their consumer.

Fostering a community of innovators committed to transforming consumer health.

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