What is Consumer Med?


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Albert Cha: “A lot of things are driven by ‘How does somebody get paid?’ “Who’s going to be incentized to use something? As a physician coming into this I thought ‘Well isn’t it just about better healthcare outcomes for everybody?’”

Cami Samuels: “There are so many constituents in the healthcare system from payers and providers and so on, and they’ve proven to us that they can’t fix it and I think the consumer can.”

Jim Glasheen: “What would happen if we turned things upside down? The individual going out to change something for their healthcare and being very actively and proactively engaged in making things happen for themselves.”

Nina Kjellson: “This is really about rocking the boat, turning the lights on bright, turning up the volume.”

Albert Cha: “The way to break out of that sense of what has been vs. what we can be.”

Paulo Simas: “The power to allow individuals to go further.”

Nina Kjellson: “If you’ve got a stake, I think you should be there. If you’re an inventor, an entrepreneur, a management person….”

Joon Yun: “It’s going to be year round, it’s going to grow from here, it’s going to involve lots of people.”

Nina Kjellson: “…You should show up because you are invested, because you’ve got something to say and want to participate in this conversation about this system that is so broken but this tremendous amount of momentum and talent and energy that exists and to work to change that.”

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